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Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Frinton-on-Sea branch*

Following David Collier's detailed exposure of the anti-semitism endemic throughout the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, it seems I might have to remove the 'satire' classification from this piece posted in 2015.

News and Events this week

Ron’s Record Store in Frinton Close: Following news last week that this shop was selling a copy of “The Israelites” by Desmond Decker, we are mounting a 24-hour vigil to stop anybody entering the store until a) it is permanently closed down b) Ron issues a statement disassociating himself with the Zionist entity ; and c) Ron is evicted from the Old Age Home where he has been living for the past 12 years. Remember: no violence is necessary (rocks through the windows are, however, permissible).

Pensioners Travel in the High Road: As you know this travel agents’ had been advertising cruises that stop at Israel-occupied Haifa. During our non-violent demonstration at the store last week in which we poured 8,000 gallons of red ink representing Palestinian blood on their floor, and burnt every brochure with the word ‘Israel’ in it, we discovered an invoice showing that Mr and Mrs Jones of Frinton Mews have booked a cruise stopping at Haifa for their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Hence see events below.

Starting Monday We will be holding a ‘lock-in’ outside the Jones's bungalow in Frinton Mews. We will peacefully stop anybody leaving or entering the bungalow until the Jones’s cancel their cruise booking  and donate all of the money for the trip (plus an additional donation of £28,000) to the Palestine Foundation for Homicide Bombers.

Tuesday: We are planning a new peaceful tactic called a “scream-in die-in” at Tesco Express on the High Road. Although we succeeded in banning all Zionist products from the store two years ago, the store manager has refused our reasonable request to donate 93% of all future profits from the store to the Palestine Training Centre for Teenage Stabbers. By starving this superb training Centre of desperately needed funding, Tesco is directly contributing to the brutal murder of 1000 Palestinian babies every day by the Zionist occupation forces.  Hence the "scream-in die in" will simulate these murders. Our members will scream for 2 hours and then lie on the floor pretending to be dead babies.

Wednesday: At Frinton Town Hall we will be debating the motion "Zionism is ten times worse than Nazism". Speaking for the motion is the esteemed scholar Farooq Hitler Hussain from the Iranian Academy of Anti-Zionism. To demonstrate our fair-mindedness we have invited a Jewess (Hannah Dumbfeld of the Jewish pro-peace Yucked organisation) who will propose the counter-motion "Zionism is only a little bit worse than Nazism".

Thursday: Singing and leafleting in the High Road. We have some exciting new leaflets with beautifully photoshopped images of dead babies and the banner headline: "Israel does this with YOUR tax money". We will be singing for 3 hours non-stop a new version of the song "From the river to the sea Palestine will be free". In this version after each 20 repetitions we will add the words "No Zionists in Frinton-on-Sea"

Friday: Demonstration outside WH Smiths for continuing to sell copies of the book "A Children's World Atlas" that includes a map of the Middle East with the Zionist entity named as "Israel".

Saturday: Trip to the nearest synagogue (Southend)  for "Zionism=Nazism" wall-painting. Note: we are NOT anti-Semites so please remember to scream “Zionist scum” and not “Jewish scum” when the worshippers come out after the Sabbath service.

*satire but not much different to the activities of dozens of local "Palestine Solidarity Committees"

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Monday, February 13, 2017

United Nations replaces Valentine's Day with Palestine's Day*

In a surprise move today the United Nations announced that 14 February is no longer to be known as Valentine's Day, and instead will be renamed as Palestine's Day. The move came in response to the ongoing claims - now accepted as the truth - that 14 February was celebrated as Palestine Independence Day by Muslim Arabs every year for 5000 years until 1948 when the Zionists deviously invented 'Valentine's Day' to divert world opinion away from their suppression of Palestinian Muslims.

The United Nations ruling was unanimously approved by all 59 Muslim nations. The ruling, which is is now enshrined as international law (and so cannot be challenged) contains the following points of explanation: 
  • It is totally unacceptable that there should be a day in the year when people are encouraged to express their love for people other than the Palestinians. Everybody must understand that the Palestinian people must be the focus for everybody's attention for 365 days of the year - not just 364.
  • Palestine's Day will provide all progressive people in the world with the opportunity and incentive to express their deep love for the Palestinian people by sending cards, tweets and Facebook messages like "Death to Israel and all Zionists", "Destroy the apartheid state of Israel", "Zionism is fascism"
  • Just as on Valentine's Day - when people not sending cards to their partners are exposed as heartless and unloving - anybody who refuses to send a Palestine's Day card will be exposed as a Zionist fascist to be hounded and ridiculed. 
  • Just as on Valentine's Day Muslims are not obliged to participate, although it is recommended that they donate extra charity on this day to Hamas and Hezbollah.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (already celebrating the 12th anniversary of his 4-year term of office) was ecstatic saying
 "When the Zionists stole Palestine they also stole the historic Palestine Day. Just as there had been unbroken Arab Muslim rule in Palestine for over 5000 years until 1948 so too had there been an annual world Arab Palestine Day on 14 February for the same period. The Zionists stole that too"
Former President Obama welcomed the UN decision saying
"Valentine's Day is by definition anti-Islamic and especially anti-Palestinian.  A historic wrong has been put right. Moreover, this now means I know longer have to bother with all the hassle of getting a Valentine's card and gift for Michelle".
* Satire. But the 'Palestinians' have hijacked everything else so why not this?

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Monday, February 06, 2017

The Leftist/Islamist alliance

Some people were surprised at the extent to which Leftists and Islamists came together to spearhead the anti-Trump rallies. I'm also scratching my head to figure out what they might possibly have in common.....

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The Board of Deputies increasingly obsessed about 'fighting Islamophobia"

Despite its stated objective of protecting the interests of British Jews, the BoD has been falling over itself in desperation to prove that its most important objective is to 'combat Islamophobia'. Not content with its ludicrous decision to issue a strong condemnation of President Trump over his immigration vetting (what the hell has this got to do with British Jews?), and its support for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust's trivializing of the Holocaust, check out this sickening piece of brown-nosing that the BoD presented in writing to Parliament.

A note to all members of synagogues: You can save yourselves £30 per year by not paying the "Board of Deputies Levy"on your membership bills. It is a voluntary contribution.

For details of the statements in the graphic click on the BOD tag below or on the sidebar.

See: Supplementary written evidence submitted by the Board of Deputies of British Jews

Board of Deputies spends three times as much on pandering to radical Islam as it does on combating anti-Semitism

Sunday, February 05, 2017

At least this time those seeking Israel's destruction paid the Jewish Chronicle for their advert

When I first saw the anti-Israel advert my reaction was to wonder whether the Jewish Chronicle would also consider running adverts asking for money to fund Hamas.... then I remembered they already actually did this in 2014.

Most interestingly Daphne Anson's article includes information from one of the people involved in the advert revealing that they had first tried to place the advert in the Jewish News, but they refused to take it 'on political grounds'. The Jewish Chronicle, on the other hand, was more than happy to host the advert. At least on this occasion the Jewish Chronicle got money for hosting the advert. The 'Hamas' ad in 2014 was placed courtesy of the Jewish Chronicle owners for free.

And, incidentally, the three groups named as being behind the advert are: Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Independent Jewish Voices, and Jewish Socialists. All reject Israel as a Jewish State.

*The flawed survey:

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Friday, February 03, 2017

How one lazy sentence in a 'pro-Israel' report propagates anti-Israel lies

This appeared on Page 2 of the Daily Express on 2 Feb in an article headlined "Farage brands Khan 'hypocrite over travel ban" that described how Nigel Farage called out the London Mayor for hosting ambassadors from Muslim countries that ban Israelis, while condemning Trump for 'banning' people from Muslim countries.

While far more offensive stuff against Israel is written and said every day by the BBC, Guardian, NY Times, etc this is troubling because of its sheer banality and that it shows the extent to which the anti-Israel narrative - based on a tissue of lies - has become so engrained in popular language that it is just casually trotted out even by people who are nominally 'on our side'. The incessantly repeated  lie "Israel mistreats the Palestinians", much like the lie "Jerusalem and the West Bank is Palestinian land illegally occupied by Israel", have become tautological 'facts' simply because not enough people called out the lie.

But it is quite an achievement to unintentionally squeeze so much bullshit  into such a short sentence. The highlighted text implies that these countries - which have some of the worst human rights records in the world - ban Israelis as some kind of 'humanitarian protest' on behalf of 'Palestinians'. That is as lazy and ignorant journalism as you could imagine. The word ‘Palestinian’ was not even used to refer to Arabs until 1965 - 17 years after these countries started their racist ban.

Even when writing reports that are nominally sympathetic to Israel, main stream media reporters accept without question the standard anti-Israel lies and propaganda, while totally ignoring the real crimes of Arab countries - including the horrific abuse of their Palestinian residents.

See: Arab countries' abuse of Palestinians

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A message to all Jews marching against Trump.....

The next anti-Trump march in London (4 Feb 2017) is organised by:
Stop the War Coalition, Stand Up to Racism, Muslim Association of Britain, Muslim Engagement and Development, the Muslim Council of Britain, CND and Friends of Al-Aqsa. 
These are exactly the same organisations behind every anti-Israel demonstration in the UK

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Muslims as Holocaust victims: The cynicism and duplicity of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

The video by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust was an appalling attempt to hijack the Holocaust into a Muslim victim-hood narrative. This has been very well analysed in articles such as this by Aussie Dave and this by Fahrenheit211.  But it is the fact that the Muslim woman is wearing the yellow star - and the HMDT's pathetic response to this (above) that is the most galling. How gullible do they think we are - is cancer also a creation of the Nazis?

The Islamists and their leftist useful idiots have already attempted to steal Jewish history and narrative as their own (as in "Moses and Jesus were Palestinian Muslim Arabs",  "Jerusalem was always Muslim"). We have even seen the "Palestinianisation" of Anne Frank. But to requisition Holocaust victims - replete with Yellow star -  as Muslims is beyond the pale. My father was a Holocaust survivor. If he had lived to see this video he would have died of a heart attack anyway - it is insulting to real survivors and it perverts and trivializing the real story of the Holocaust. My father was acutely aware that, in contrast to the lie perpetuated by this kind of propaganda video, the only real threat of a new Holocaust again is against the Jews via the never ending terrorism and incitement against Israel mounted by Muslims and their leftist useful idiots throughout the world. The liberal notion that somehow the Muslims are the 'new Jews' is a lie. In the UK and USA Jews are actually 5-20 times more likely to be the victims of racist attacks than Muslims. The 'new Jews' are in fact, as always, the Jews. If the HMDT wanted to force home the message 'never again' it should have featured the fears faced by young Jews in the West today and the terrorism and incitement against the Jews of Israel.

This article by Karen Harradine really hits the nail on the head concerning the "arrogance of those who claim to commemorate our dead yet gleefully advocate for the destruction of Israel and the death of even more Jews." There are literally hundreds of thousands of Islamists and leftists in the UK alone (including the leader of the Labour party and many in the House of Commons and Lords) who fit that description  - you can see them at every anti-Israel demo and hear them calling in to every radio station. And the fact that (as is clear from this article) there is at least one trustee of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust who fits that description is beyond shameful. How did Britain's 'official Jews' sink so low as to allow themselves to be manipulated like this?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Media calling Trump an antisemite for assuming the Holocaust refers to the Nazi genocide of the Jews

Of all the deranged attempts by the main stream media and leftist Jews to demonize Donald Trump as an antisemite, the latest hysteria about his Holocaust Day statement takes the biscuit. Essentially Trump is being called an antisemite because he has the audacity to assume that the Holocaust refers to something other than the Nazi genocide of the Jews. Here is his statement that caused such offence:
"It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, and heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror. I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world."
 The fact that in the last 15 years leftists, politically correct goons and Islamists have hijacked the "Holocaust" for their own causes (e.g. Israel defending itself against terrorists is a 'Holocaust against Gaza') does not mean that decent people like Trump have to kowtow to their nonsense. This nonsense has culminated in the ludicrous Holocaust Memorial Trust video which suggests that being rude to Muslim women in western cities is also a Holocaust equivalent to the massacre of 6 million Jews (including 1.5 million children).

Trump - unlike many politicians - knows that the "Holocaust"  refers to the unique genocide committed by the Nazis against the Jews. People moaning that he did not specifically mention Jews are the real ignorant bigots here because, by inference, they are suggesting that Jews did not suffer a unique genocide. 

This irrational anti-Trump hysteria just will not go away:

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Muslim and Jewish refugees: spot the difference

Given the media's renewed obsession for claiming that the current 'refugee crisis' is just like the Jewish refugees of the 1930's I thought it was important to update this previous post/graphic.

The current migrant crisis is terrible and tragic, but has been caused exclusively by Muslim wars and violence*****. Moreover, for reasons I pointed out in this article, attempts to draw analogies to Jewish refugees during the holocaust are wrong and insulting, as are exhortations that Jews must be especially welcoming of the refugees. Perhaps this table (click to enlarge) will make things clearer for those who do not understand the reality.

Update 27 Jan 2017: As a result of Trump's restrictions on Muslim immigration there has been an explosion of celebrities and politicians claiming that this is exactly like banning Jewish refugees during WW2. Moreover, even uglier is the suggestion in, of all things, a video by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (today is Holocaust Day) that 'prejudice' against Muslims in the West is analogous to the murder of 6 million Jews.

Update: 10 years a ago a very different international reaction to a refugee crisis

*Number of countries that are signatories to UNHRC convention on refugees and asylum seekers
** BBC report says each refugee costs £50,000 per annum the UK
***Pew Poll of 2015 showed 63% of Muslims want to live under sharia law
****Jews who fled Muslim antisemitism in Algeria and Morocco for France have now been forced to flee France mainly because of Muslims immigrants (especially from Algeria and Morocco). Almost all the current surge of antisemitism throughout European is due to Muslim immigrants.
*****The wealthy Arab Sunni Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE  have been the principle funders of the various wars yet have taken 0 Sunni refugees. And of course Shia Muslim Iran has played the biggest external role in all of the wars and has taken 0 Shia refugees. Meanwhile one minority who deserves refugee status - the Kurds - are being stopped by Turkey from getting a safe haven in their own lands. The other minorities like the Christians and Yazidis (who make up a very small minority) are of course not covered by the above and should be taken in by Christian countries.

Also note that for Syrian refugees Israel remains enemy #1, while 3 out of 4 Syrians support Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.

UPDATE: The important article here by David Semple gives an indication of the ramifications of importing Muslim refugess into UK cities. While, Daphne Anson has a very good summary of the bias of western TV channels in their reporting on the refugee crisis. Pay special attention to this video.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Melbourne car attacker was recent convert to Islam

The main stream media has almost completely covered up this story. Immediately after the attack an eye witness posted a video saying that the attacker was screaming out "Allah Akbar" (see here) but the Police told people sharing it on Facebook to take it down. Immediately - before any investigation - they ruled out terrorism and as usual blamed 'mental illness'.
Now take a look at this very long report of the attack in the Mail online. If you scroll down a very long way you will find this statement by his close friend:
 'He was a great guy but ice destroyed him. Then he converted to Muslim and changed very quickly. For over a month he's been on edge'
What is not mentioned of course is that many recent converts to Islam with serious personal and other problems carry out Jihadist attacks because they are told that killing infidels guarantees they avoid  going to hell.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

Update: The Islamists who sent Alan Henning to his death

UPDATE 16 Jan 2017: Now it turns out that the 'Aid Convey' which ended up with Alan Henning's brutal murder was actually used to smuggle cash to the terrorists.

UPDATE 7 September 2016:  Nearly two years ago I wrote articles (see below) asking why nobody in the main stream media was asking questions about the Islamic 'charity' that was behind the 'aid convey' in which Alan Henning ended up getting his head cut off publicly by ISIS in Syria. It was very clear then that this was a Sunni Islamist terrorist supporting organisation. It now turns out - unsurprisingly as reported in today's Daily Mail - that Henning's mates in the charity were actually ISIS supporters. One of them is now on trial for murdering an Imam (of whom ISIS disapproved).

Article posted 18 November 2014:

I posted the article below (about the terrorist links of the "charity" which Henning was 'delivering aid' for several weeks ago). Now Andrew Gilligan reports in the Telegraph that Majid Freeman, a "charity worker" from Leicester, who was  speaker at the memorial service for Alan Henning, is an open supporter of violent Jihadists (including Al Qaeda) and even sympathises with the ISIS animals who beheaded his 'friend'.
Freeman...has posted on social media apparently justifying Isil, promoting al-Qaeda and expressing sympathy for Syrian jihadist “martyrs”. Freeman was with Mr Henning when he was abducted in Syria last year.  
Majid Freeman's support for violence and jihad are far-reaching and include the following call for violence against Jews in Israel:
On Facebook last week, he said that the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, which was briefly closed by the Israelis at the time, “will be conquered by jihad, not by peace… none will enter it except those who believe in removing the door, not those who search for its key”. 
What is becoming very clear is that - contrary to the lie that the British media is determined to spin - the views of Freeman are not unusual among British Muslims but are in fact completely mainstream. The tweet by Baroness Warsi this morning in response to the massacre of Jews in a synagogue in Jerusalem provide further evidence of this.

Alan Henning and the Hamas-supporting Islamic 'charity' who conned him into going to Syria

Everybody knows that Alan Henning was a decent person who wanted to help suffering people but was brutally slaughtered doing a good deed. What nobody seems to want to know, however, is how he was unaware of the danger he was likely to face and how he ended up as part of a convey for an Islamic charity Al Fatiha Global under investigation for its links to Islamist gunmen in Syria (more here).

A report here on the charity is disturbing as it was actually written just before the convey left with Henning last December. The charity is open about its support for Hamas (see here about its funding of Hamas projects) and its admiration for Al Qaeda terrorists such as Aafia Siddiqui, after whom it named a vehicle. If the BBC and the rest of the British media were not so determined to cover up Islamic terrorism and its supporters in the UK Alan Henning might have decided to spend Christmas with his family instead of travelling with a bunch of terrorist supporters to one of the most dangerous places on earth.

It is also interesting to note how the media is not investigating how it came to be that every one of the Muslims accompanying Alan was released by ISIS - I find it hard to understand how at least the leader of the convoy (Kasim Jameel who, incidentally according to the report below, was arrested in July on child pornography and sexual assault charges) did not insist on staying with Alan until the end, since it was he who talked him into going.

Anyway, much more on this story by Marc Goldberg at Harry's Place whose report includes the following:
According to the Independent Henning travelled to Syria as part of a convoy organised by the group al Fatiha Global. The group denies responsibility for him in a statement on their Facebook page:

 “Whilst Alan was not under the direct responsibility of the charity Al Fatiha Global – as has been suggested widely in the media – he was a valued fellow convoy member, volunteer and friend to us for the duration of the journey until we reached the Turkey-Syria border, where he continued his journey into Syria with his group. He was amongst the first to enter Syria. He was detained shortly after.”

 The Telegraph reported in September that; “Mr Henning was driving an ambulance on behalf of Rochdale Aid 4 Syria, which raised money on behalf of Al-Fatiha Global, a registered charity currently under investigation by the Charity Commission after one of its leaders was photographed with his arms around two hooded fighters carrying machine guns.”

 It seems pretty disingenuous to me for al-Fatiha Global to be disassociating itself from Henning when he was a part of their convoy volunteering for a group raising money for them. On the ground it is quite clear that the al-Fatiha Global people were responsible for this convoy and therefore should bear responsibility for all who travelled with it.

Henning was one of only 8 who continued on into Syria. He was arrested by ISIS half an hour after crossing the Turkish border. The Telegraph article paints a damning picture of Al-Fatiha Global and Aid 4 Syria saying;

“Aid 4 Syria has also used its Facebook page to promote an event called O’Ummah Wake Up And Rise! at which the guest speakers were Zahir Mahmood and Moazzam Begg. Mr Mahmood describes the proscribed terrorist group Hamas as “freedom fighters” while Mr Begg, a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay, has admitted to fighting in Bosnia.

The team leader of the convoy was Kasim Jameel, who was arrested in July on child pornography and sexual assault charges before being released on police bail. The investigation remains active.”

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Pope and the new 'Palestine' Embassy

So, it seems that tomorrow the Pope will formally open the new 'Palestine' Embassy in Vatican City, in a ceremony attended by 'Palestine President' Mahmoud Abbas (fresh from Abbas's latest frenzied round of commemorating and rewarding Arab terrorists for murdering Jews). According to this article (unverified) the Pope says:

"The Holy See and the State of Palestine have notified each other that the procedural requirements for its [the agreement's] entry into force have been fulfilled, under the terms of Article 30 of the same Agreement, Israel will disappear from the "landscape of geography,"
Seems a good time to recall a post I did in May 2015 when the Vatican formally recognized the 'State of Palestine'. As I am sure the Vatican is a bastion of integrity and consistency I look forward therefore to the opening of the Embassy of the Islamic State of Luton in Vatican City.

In shock move Vatican recognizes Islamic State of Luton*

Pope Francis greets Luton Leader Anjem Choudary after Vatican formally recognises Islamic State of Luton today
The Vatican has quickly followed its recognition of the terrorist State of Palestine today by also formally recognising the Islamic State of Luton. In an historic meeting in Rome today with the moderate leader of Luton, the Emir Anjem Choudary, Pope Francis said:
The illegal occupation of Islamic Luton by the imperialist British government continues to be a barrier to world peace. The aspirations of the Muslims of Luton to have their own independent Sharia State - as Emir Choudary has heroically campaigned for years - can no longer be denied.  
By recognising the Islamic State of Luton today the Vatican also brings pressure to bear on the British Government to ensure a peaceful transfer of power to these long down-trodden Muslim people.
Anjum Choudary, in a sensitive and conciliatory speech asserted:
The new Islamic State of Luton demands that the rest of Britain must now submit to Sharia law. No non-Muslim will be harmed providing they convert to Islam. We also demand that the Vatican renounce Catholicism and submit to the Sharia.
President Obama supported the move saying "I have always maintained that no peace in Britain is possible until there is a 2-state solution - a 100% Muslim State of Luton and a 65% non-Muslim State for the rest of Britain. Moroever, the world's 180 million Muslim refugees who originate from just outside Luton must be allowed to return to their ancient homeland (i.e. the rest of Britain).

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu also welcomed the move but said "I believe that Britain has a right to exist, but Israeli support for Britain's right to exist could not be guaranteed if the illegal occupation of Luton continued"

*Satire, but no more silly than the genuine news from the Vatican.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Al Jazeera exclusive on Zionist lobbying in the UK

All you need to know about this story which the BBC and Daily Mail considered as the most important story of the week.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Reminder to news editors about coverage of convicted Israeli soldier

I can't think of any other explanation of why the western media (which consistently ignores terrorist attacks against Israelis) is not only obsessing over this story but is refusing to provide the context of the original terrorist attack. If this story happened in any other country it would be ignored completely.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Remembering last year's New Year's Day terrorist attack in Tel Aviv

Alon Bakal: one of the victims of Islamic terrorist attack in Tel Aviv 1 Jan 2016
So, just minutes into 2017, Islamic terrorists continue their murderous assault on civilians with the attack at a club in Istanbul. As in the recent Berlin attack, an Israeli tourist (Lian Nassar) was among the fatalities.

Exactly one year ago a similar attack in a bar in Tel Aviv claimed the lives of three Israelis, including family member Alon Bakal. The others were Shimon Ruimi and Amin Shaaban.  As with most terrorist attacks in Israel - unlike identical attacks elsewhere - it was almost completely ignored by the entire Western media and political classes, who believe that Israelis killed by Arabs somehow deserve it. But we honour their memory today.

19-year-old Lian Nassar killed in today's Istanbul attack
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

Obama's final knife in the back to Israel

Hitler's obsession with destroying the Jewish people was so great that, in the last days of the Third Reich - while his armies were crumbling and defeated -  the only part of the Nazi system that continued to function was the industrial-scale murder of the Jews. For example, even while the Russians were driving towards Berlin, Hitler was diverting resources to ensure the final deportation and mass extermination of Hungary's Jews. I'm not a big fan of Hitler comparisons, but it is interesting to note that in the last days of the Obama administration - while his disastrous policies have seen the destruction of much of the Middle East and with the West under daily attack from Islamic terrorists - his energy is concentrated on his anti-Israel obsession with the US's unprecedented and underhand organisation of a resolution of the antisemitic United Nations. And, just as Hitler often chose Jewish festivals to carry out antisemitic laws and massacres, Obama chose to do this on the eve of Chanukah.

UPDATE: Israel issues photofit images of those planning new terrorist campaign

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Media is already following the script on Berlin attack

With news of a major terrorist attack in Berlin just coming in I was just watching some of the rolling news channels and can confirm that they are following the script that I described several months ago:

Update:Nice attack - Israel responds
Also, see IsraellyCool Nice Attack Lethal Reporting

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Antisemitism versus anti-Zionism revisited

In the light of the current antisemitism row in the UK I have updated this from a previous similar post as many people (including Jewish pundits interviewed) have been making the case that antisemitism (generally considered a 'bad thing') has nothing to do with anti-Zionism (considered a 'good thing' by many 'progressives'). As this chart shows there is clearly absolutely nothing in common.....


Basic Definition
Hatred of Jews
Hatred of the Jewish state
Core belief 1
Unlike all other people, the Jews are not entitled to equal rights
Unlike all other people, the Jews are not entitled to self-determination
Core belief 2
The Jews are the root cause of most of the world's problems
The Jewish state is the root cause of most of the world's problems
Ultimate aim
End of the Jewish race
End of the Jewish state
What it based on
The singling out and demonization of Jews – and Jews alone - based on a set of complete lies about the political, economic, social and religious behaviour of Jews

The Nazis claimed the Jews were dedicated to subjugating the ‘indigenous German people’
The singling out and demonization of the Jewish state – and the Jewish state alone - based on a set of complete lies about the political, economic, social and religious behaviour of the Jewish state
The anti-Zionists claim the Jewish state is dedicated to subjugating the ‘indigenous Palestinian people’
How is it currently sustained
Continued and incessant lies and propaganda about Jews – much of it from Muslim countries, leftists and academia - promulgated in the media and on the web – that is rarely if ever challenged
Continued and incessant lies and propaganda about the Jewish State – much of it from Muslim countries, leftists and academia - promulgated in the media and on the web– that is rarely if ever challenged
Typical media presentation
Cartoons of big fat Jews who control the world and eat non-Jewish babies; cartoons of Jews killing non-Jewish children.
Cartoons of big fat Jews who control the world and eat non-Jewish babies; cartoons of Jewish soldiers killing Arab children
Who currently are the most virulent proponents
Muslims, left-wing political activists, Black panthers, right-wing extremists, racists, self-hating Jews.  In Muslim countries Pew surveys report 96% of the population ‘hate Jews’

Muslims, left-wing political activists, Black panthers, right-wing extremists, racists, self-hating Jews. In Muslim countries Pew surveys report 98% of the population ‘hate Israel’
Jewish proponents?
Those whose only connection to Judaism is when they say "As a Jew I deplore the Jewish religion.."
Those whose only connection to Judaism is when they say "As a Jew I deplore the Jewish state.."
Most common beliefs
·            Jews are baby-killers;
·            Jews did 9/11
·            Jews control the media
·         Jews control America, Britain, France (add any country you like, including even Arab ones) like
·         Jews control the world banking system, the UN, NATO (add any international organization you like)
·         Jews bake the blood of Christian children in their Passover matzos;
·         Jews control ISIS
    Jews control Syria’s Assad
·         Jews are racists – they discriminate against non-Jews
·         Zionists are baby-killers;
·         Zionists did 9/11
·         Zionists control the media
·         Zionists control America, Britain, France (add any country you like, including even Arab ones) like
·         Zionists control the world banking system, the UN, NATO (add any international organization you like)
·         Zionists bake the blood of Arab children in their Passover matzos;   
·         Zionists control ISIS
·         Zionists control Syria’s Assad
          The Jewish State is racist/Apartheid – it discriminates against non-Jews
Tactic 1: Deligitimization
Message that Jews are a depraved, illegitimate, ‘invented’ race.

Denial of Jewish history including its origin in the Middle East.
Message that Israel is depraved, ‘invented’ and illegitimate. 

Denial of Jewish history including its origin in the Middle East.
Tactic 2: Boycott
In the 1930s the Nazi singled out Jews for economic, cultural, political, and academic boycott (antisemites still do this informally)
The current BDS movement singles out the Jewish State (and Jews that support it) for economic, cultural, political, and academic boycott
Economic boycott in practise
Boycott Jewish businesses, products and services;
vandalise Jewish-owned shops and their products, daubing Swastikas and Stars of David.
Boycott Jewish owned Israeli businesses, products and services; vandalise Jewish-owned Israeli shops and products,  daubing Swastikas and Stars of David.
Cultural boycott in practise
In Nazi Germany Jewish artists, performers, writers and sportsmen were not allowed to perform, while books, art, and plays sympathetic to Jews were banned
Jewish Israeli artists, performers, writers and sportsmen are not allowed to perform, while books, art, and plays sympathetic to the Jewish state are shut out or shut down
Use of the Law
In the 1930s special Nazi laws introduced to both outlaw Jewish-owned businesses and criminalise attempts by anybody else to work with them
Special EU and Arab laws introduced to outlaw Jewish-owned Israeli businesses and criminalise attempts by anybody else to work with them
Secondary boycott tactics
In Nazi Germany Non-Jews visiting Jewish houses and businesses were publicly vilified and threatened to be boycotted themselves if they did not cease their interaction with Jews
Non-Jews visiting the Jewish state and doing business with it are publicly vilified and threatened to be boycotted themselves if they do not cease their interaction with the Jewish state
Labelling and taxes
The Nazis forced Jews to wear the yellow star.

Muslim countries have always forced  Jews to pay a ‘dhimmi’ tax
The EU forces Israel to put a special label on goods produced by Jewish-owned businesses in places like Jerusalem

Muslim countries have always boycotted the Jewish State entirely
Typical everyday behaviour
·         Criticizing Jews for certain character traits (such as meanness, aggressiveness, deviousness) that are actually far more prominent in most other ethnic and religious groups
·         Criticizing Jews for their genuinely good character traits (such as intelligence, technology skills and business acumen) as in ‘The Jews use these traits to trick and steal from non-Jews’
·         Criticizing the Jewish State for certain character traits (such as meanness, aggressiveness, deviousness) that are actually far more prominent in most other countries
·         Criticizing the Jewish State for its genuinely good character traits (such as intelligence, technology skills and business acumen) as in ‘The Zionists use these traits to trick and steal from the Arabs’
Beliefs about the Holocaust
The holocaust narrative is exaggerated and perpetuated to gain sympathy for Jews.
The Jews are committing a holocaust against the Palestinians
The holocaust narrative is perpetuated to gain sympathy for the Jewish state.
The Zionists are committing a holocaust against the Palestinians
What especially angers proponents
·         Jews defending themselves from attack; 
·         Any Jewish success in science and culture     
·         The Jewish state defending itself from attack;
·         Any Israeli success in science and culture
What they have never heard of
The total destruction of Jewish communities in Muslim lands after the establishment of Israel
The total destruction of Jewish communities in Muslim lands after the establishment of Israel
About Jews kille by Arab terrorists
If it really happens then the Jews must have had it coming to them
If it happens at all it is a natural reaction against Zionist crimes
About violence generally
Jews are legitimate targets for violence
Zionist Jews are legitimate targets for violence
Who are their heroes
Hitler, George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Saddam Hussein, Ahmedinejad and any other bigot you can think of -  because they “stood up to the Jews”
George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Saddam Hussein, Ahmedinejad and any other bigot you can think of – because they “stood up to the Jews Zionists”
Mandatory reading
Protocols of the Elder of Zion, anything by Gilad Atzmon
Protocols of the Elder of Zion, anything by Gilad Atzmon
Popular phrase
“Jews back to Palestine”
“Jews out of Palestine”
What happens if their proponents ‘win'
Millions of Jews were killed in the Holocaust, but it did not help the Nazis in any way at all
Millions of Jews will be killed, but it will not help the Palestinians in any way at all

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